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Sam Chen spent the last decade with a front-row seat to our nation's democracy. He has staffed leaders in both houses of Congress and has advised and worked numerous campaigns -- from local county races to congressional campaigns to gubernatorial and presidential elections. In 2015, he founded The Liddell Group, an innovative and interdisciplinary strategy firm that has reinvented the approach to politics, public policy, and communications.

Chen additionally serves as Assistant Professor and Director of the Political Science Program at Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania, where he directs the George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service and serves with the college's Center for Civic and Community Engagement. He is a member of the American Enterprise Institute's Leadership Network (LN) and Conservative Education Reform Network (CERN). His research interests are in the area of higher education, as well as constitutional law, ethics, and their impact on society.

An award-winning strategist and analyst, Chen has appeared in a number of media outlets, including NPR's All Things ConsideredNewsweek magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Algemeen Dagblad (Netherlands), among others. He is sits on the advisory board for City & State PA and is a member of Spotlight PA's Diverse Source Database.

Chen has been named to various 30-under-30 and 40-under-40 lists for government and politics and has been awarded the Phi Theta Kappa Golden Apple Award for teaching. He serves as a judge for the prestigious Pollie Awards, hosted by the American Association of Political Consultants and dubbed by Esquire magazine as the "Oscars of political advertising". In 2019, he was named the Pollie Awards' "Outstanding Judge of the Year".

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the liddell group

Founded in 2015, The Liddell Group is an award-winning, innovative strategy firm that specializes in politics, public policy, and educational outreach. Known for its interdisciplinary and innovative approach to research and communications, The Liddell Group has reinvented politics by merging research, industry realities, and the psychology of human response.

The Liddell Group has done work for a variety of leaders and organizations, including Ohio Governor John Kasich, State Director for the National Federation of Independent Business (PA) Gordon Denlinger, acclaimed special victims prosecutor Pearl Kim, and others.


mcelwee forum

The George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service aims to education and set an example on issues of public service. Various leaders are hosted for lectures and conversations pertaining to public service and its intersection with government and politics.

Past forums have featured author and former Representative Jeff Coleman, defense attorney Gavin Holihan, and former congressional chief of staff and U.S. Naval Reserve Lt. Commander George S. McElwee.

The McElwee Forum is hosted at Northampton Community College is named for alumnus George S. McElwee.


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