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Samuel Chen serves as host and anchor of the weekly news journal talk show Face the Issues. Gathered each week around a table, Chen is joined by guests who are leaders and experts in their respective fields as they unpack and debate the issues we face today, from the 30,000-foot ideas to how these issues practically impact our communities.

The issues tackled each week range from politics to economics and business to health and wellness, as well as key issues of human interest. Past guests have included renowned political pollster Christopher Borick, historian and author Thomas Kidd, Emmy award-winning journalist Amanda St. Hilaire, NFL player agent Xavier Warren, and country music artist Kendal Conrad, among others.

Based in the Philadelphia television market, Face the Issues is hosted by Lighthouse TV and can be seen on broadcast in a four state region, including Eastern, Central, and portions of Western Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and portions of Delaware and Maryland.  It is additionally available online to a national viewing audience.

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In addition to discussing ideas and their impact, Chen is a firm believer that we must likewise set an example for others in word and in deed. Introducing the public to everyday heroes who live right in our communities is the heartbeat behind the Hometown Heroes segment to Face The Issues.

Hometown Heroes are inspirations for all of us. For some, it's a life journey filled with overcoming hardships and beating the odds. Others are changing the world through changing their community, one life at a time. All of them set an example for all of us, inspiring us in how they live.

Meet our Hometown Heroes here!

Know someone who's a hero in your community? Nominate him or her!

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