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Sam Chen is the author of the forthcoming book Thirteen Minutes: Winning, Losing, and Living as Taught by the 2016 Election (February 2020, Opus Publishing). The book presents a series of life lessons as taught throughout his career in politics and, specifically, in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Chen is also a frequent speaker on college campuses and at various venues across the country. Typically invited to speak on politics, media, and higher education, his most popular talk -- "Folding the House of Cards" -- takes the audience behind the scenes and into the world of politics and media. He has also authored numerous essays and articles addressing a range of issues from academic topics to political happenings to current events impacting culture and society.

During the academic year, Chen serves as Adjunct Professor in Political Science at Northampton Community College in Pennsylvania, where he also directs the George S. McElwee Forum for Excellence in Public Service. His research interests are in the area of constitutional law, ethics, and their impact on society and the future of higher education.

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